Future Attractions

The Magic Lantern LLC technology is readily scalable, both with regard to power / screen size and resolution.

Large Screen

Although our current focus is projectors for 120 screens, we have only to use more powerful lasers or write more lines in a single scan pass to increase brightness and fill larger screens. Potential applications include animated rides and special venues, command-and-control, and digital cinema. Announcements regarding these future products will be made in a timely manner.


Our current commitment is to establishing 4K as the standard of excellence in video imaging, especially since 4K is at the limit of human perception in many applications. However, our work suggests that 8K projectors based on our technology are not only possible but that they can be completed and introduced in a timeframe compatible with any significant 8K commercial opportunities that may emerge.

Magic Lantern LLC, 2011
Image is Blender Foundation, 2011