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The company’s immediate targets are high-performance markets such as home theater, post-production / editing and simulators. These will be addressed by a family of projectors based upon a nominal screen size of 120” (diagonally) and lasers developed for “pico projectors”. The Magic Lantern projectors will offer substantial benefits in each case.

Home Theater

Highest available resolution
Unsurpassed image quality
Near life-size, smear-free images for gamers


Versatility for independents: Color grading, dailies and final release
Major studio: Ability to see what is actually in 4k data streams


Highest performance, without smearing.

The Magic Lantern projectors, of course, also have the well-known benefits associated with the use of lasers, especially low operating costs, color purity and wide color gamut. These latter attributes are key to a color management (and emulation) system that allows the selection (and real-time maintenance) of gamut, color temperature, black level and gamma.
Detailed specifications, pricing and launch schedule will be forthcoming.

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