Magic Lantern, a Kansas City based start-up, has developed a proprietary 4K projector technology that represents a break-through in image quality. Their first-generation projectors will be launched in 2014 and will have 4K resolution, on-screen sequential contrast ratio in excess of 50,000:1 with high dynamic range and no motion artifacts.

Industry participants and Hollywood professionals alike suggest that 4K combined with true black and black detail is a paradigm-buster. For example, Lou Levinson, a noted Hollywood colorist and leader in the evolution of 4K work-flow, said after a demonstration of the Magic Lantern prototype that “this technology creates enormous opportunities for movies and for post-production. In the long-term it allows us to create and project extraordinary images and in the short-term it allows us to better see what we’re doing with 4K material”. The technology should have similar ramifications for other applications such as computer-gaming, simulation, rides and tele-presence.

The Magic Lantern technology is based upon raster scanning multiple laser spots directly on-screen to simultaneously write multiple contiguous lines. Each of the spots has its own set of solid state lasers. The technology scales readily with more powerful lasers.

Magic Lantern projectors will use commercially-available (or soon-to-be-available) solid state lasers. The technology is compatible with any of a variety of laser types.